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Explorations Of Arabic Letters

Creative Fields:

Calligraphy, Typography, Art Direction


Adobe illustrator, Wacom Cintiq



Project Type:



About this project

Arabic letters have a unique personality and flexibility. They can melt in different modes and different directions. So I decided to explore more for some Arabic letters. I began with a random letter, and then I continued with the others. I did so many sketches for each letter, It was a fun project.

Here I am gonna explain how I did the “Taa” letter: I love the Amazigh culture, especially how they illustrate their own language letters, it is called Tifinagh. They always use dots and basic shapes like circles and triangles in very distinctive ways, but I decided to not use all their style, so I mixed up their mode and some shapes with a huge mass in curvy lines. So, I sketched most of their letters, then closed all the references, and began in a white space.

That’s it.

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