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Prophet Muhammed

Creative Fields:

Graphic design, Art direction


Adobe illustrator, Wacom cintiq



Project Type:



About this project

It was really a fun project, it takes a one day for the concept, sketches, and finalizing. The whole project was based on prophet Muhammed.

He has many nicknames not just one or two, I don't think many people know this even when doing the research I really don't know a lot of info.

I decided to make artistic artworks but in a new and different way than many makes islamic designs. I think it's a standard idea that any islamic designs should be in brown or black or gold colors.

So, my decision goes to modernism and playful look and feel in these saturated colors. I began with a circle as a composition and kept it as a core of all designs, then played with the letters of each word. I was almost finished, but I think to make the project for all people, I added Arabic and English typography for anyone can't recognize them.

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